Cape Horn Falls

"...the narrow, heavily-wooded gash of Cape Horn Canyon. A quarter-mile up the canyon is Cape Horn Falls, once a favorite hike from Follows Camp." - John Robinson's Mines of the East Fork   Tucked away in Cape Horn Canyon lies a waterfall that comes to life only after a rainy season. The waterfall is seldom

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The Bad & The Ugly: John Knox Portwood

John Knox Portwood was San Gabriel Canyon’s bad guy. He was a fugitive Southerner from Virginia who came to the canyon in 1895 where he mined and operated pack trains into camps. His cabin of hand-hewn shakes and granite rocks was built in Cattle Canyon above Camp Bonita.  Knox’s canyon neighbors had always regarded

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East Fork Guide

Thru-hiking the East Fork is a beloved adventure of the San Gabriels as the experience allows for an appreciation of its rich mountain history and spectacular scenery. The picturesque East Fork country transitions from a woodsy forest of pines to a rugged precipitous gorge of the Narrows. It's dotted with mines, cabin ruins, and old

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Devil Gulch Falls

Devil Gulch Falls drops 50-60 feet off a vertical moss-covered rock wall into a lush grotto. It can not be seen from the start of the gulch so the height is enhanced from the surprise.  Devil Gulch Falls This seasonal fall is fed by the many giant ridges of South Mt. Hawkins and in turn

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Billy Heaton (Queenie) Mine

The Billy Heaton Mine is located right off the East Fork trail that goes to Bridge to Nowhere. The mine is in such close proximity to hundreds that use this popular trail and goes largely unnoticed.  Billy Heaton's mine very close to Heaton Flats. You can even see the stone remnants of his cabins. 

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Allison Mine

High in the south face of Iron Mountain is a mine "discovered" by the experienced prospector, John James Allison and his three sons. The Allison mine was worked intermittently from 1915 until about 1942. Its located high up in Allison Gulch, a tributary of the East Fork of the San Gabriel river. Allison

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