• Big Tujunga Water Tunnels

Big Tujunga Water Tunnels

Very few people know about Big Tujunga's unique tunnels. Their construction probably dates back to the mid 20th century when an area was blasted under the road and lined with concrete. Although their purpose isn't unique, they're still pretty neat to explore. From the outside they closely resemble a mine. Fusier Canyon Tunnel They

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Kelsey Silver Mine in San Gabriel Canyon

In the 19th century when silver was discovered in the main canyon of the San Gabriel, two prominent mining companies were promptly organized (The Kelsey Mine and Victoria Silver Mine) to exploit the silver deposits high on Silver Mountain.   The Kelsey Mine is located above the Morris Reservoir high on the west slope of

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Buell’s Mining Folly

Mining in Buell's Day Henry C. Roberts and William Ferguson dominated the large scale hydraulic mining scene in the 1870s as the two raced to develop their ventures on the lower reaches of the East Fork.  In order to blast away the gold-bearing hillsides with a powerful jet of water, volume and pressure were

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Miner Finds Silver, Dies Drunk

Today, motorists fly by on Highway 39, unaware of a canyon with a very dark secret from the gold mining days. Brown's Gulch of San Gabriel Canyon was previously called Dead Man's Gulch until being renamed in the 1880s after a prospector named Brown. He discovered a silver ledge in the area and believed

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Emma (Conover) Mine

Mining in the Soledad Canyon region took off in the 1870s with new gold discoveries in the Acton area and the completion of the Southern Pacific Railroad.  A new mining district, the Cedar, was created in the Acton area. Most of the gold ever recovered in Los Angeles County came from the Soledad Mines! Between

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Puritan Mine Stamp Mill

In plain sight from the 14 freeway, an inoperative 5-stamp mill stands as a relic of a very old operation. It's one of only two upright stamp mills remaining in Los Angeles County. The stamp mill belonged to the Puritan (Union) mine located on the south side of Mint canyon, 18 miles east of Saugus and 4

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