Devil Gulch Falls drops 50-60 feet off a vertical moss-covered rock wall into a lush grotto. It can not be seen from the start of the gulch so the height is enhanced from the surprise. 

Devils Gulch FallsDevil Gulch Falls

This seasonal fall is fed by the many giant ridges of South Mt. Hawkins and in turn feeds the East Fork.  It is missed by most hikers since the East Fork Trail veers East, up and away from the river towards the Bridge to Nowhere.

At around mile 4, when the East Fork trail heads up away from the river (at 34.2714, -117.7468) just make sure to stay on the river and head upstream. At Devils Gulch, scramble 150 yards upstream (34.28010, -117.75479), passing numerous pools and mining ruins.

Ruins in Devils GulchHauntingly beautiful decays of human endeavor

Devils Gulch FallsHighlight of our East Fork thru-hike!

The topo map is Crystal Lake and be sure to visit the Horseshoe mine in proximity to these falls for a great day of adventuring.

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