Mill Creek Falls is a beautiful hidden cascade located in Big Tujunga Canyon of the Angeles National Forest. Although the western San Gabriels see little water during summer, this particular waterfall still runs a pretty trickle in the driest months! What a gem!

Mill Creek Falls 6/7/19Mill Creek Falls, Angeles National Forest

As the name implies, this waterfall is located on Mill Creek before the creek merges with Big Tujunga Creek. There isn’t much information anywhere else about this waterfall, except briefly in Christopher Brennan’s adventure of the Big Tujunga Trip under “Mill Creek Extension”

Upon reaching Mill Creek from the Picnic Area, you’re already amongst towering narrows.

Unfortunately ease of accessibility from the highway = vandalism.

Access is from Hidden Springs Picnic Area. It takes about 20-30 minutes of trekking in or around the creek, down the canyon. You’ll pass through a beautiful hidden gorge in which you need to carefully down a few boulders.

Beautiful gorge before the waterfall!

Next you’ll reach the top of the waterfall. Climbing down isn’t at first obvious. But you need to climb the rocks on the right. Once at the top, you’ll notice a faint foot path that others have used. It traverses some airy sections and some bouldering and careful maneuvering is required to reach the canyon bottom. Proceed with caution, know your ability and go at your own risk!

Climb up navigate around and see the bottom of the waterfall. Go at your own risk!

Careful scrambling down

Beautiful Mill Creek Falls, hidden gem

It is possible to keep hiking down to a point where Monkey Canyon begins and use the ropes to climb out, but you’ll need a second car waiting for you at that turnout.

This time we only did an out and back.

Click here for a map I created for Mill Creek Falls

Enjoy Responsibly!

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