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This is my collection of treasured explorations in the San Gabriels Mountains. Plenty of awe-inspiring places have no trails and aren’t common knowledge to the weekend hiker. That being said, visiting these sites are sometimes dangerous because of the terrain, wildlife, etc. So please go on your own risk and not by my recommendation.

A few of these cherished places are remote (like Little and Upper Fish Fork), but others are a short distance away like Grizzly Flats, where there is so much local history. I love visiting cabin ruins where I can imagine how life was like for the pioneers of the mountains. I’ve included a few peaks because of their interesting namesakes. Enjoy!

Los Pinetos Peak

Lookout Station Agency: Angeles National Forest (Possibly co-operative with county)Dates: 1935-1960sTower: NOTT10’- Non-battered, open timber tower, 10 feet highCab:

23 Peaks

There are a total of 23 peaks rising over 8000 feet in the San Gabriels with Mount Baldy crowning

Grizzly Flats

Upper Canyon Trail is a beautiful footpath in the front range which emerges from sylvan coverage into a sunlit

Winston Peak

The high country of the San Gabriels are richly forested, dotted with pines and boulders in which panoramic vistas


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    Love the passion for History!
    R u single? ☺

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      Hello, I am not. Devoted to a history junkie as well 🙂

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