Fox Creek, with its headwaters at the base of Mount Gleason, flows south and east to enter Big Tujunga Canyon just above the Big Tujunga Dam reservoir. 

Fox Canyon contains the series of 7 waterfalls known as the Great Falls of the Fox. These falls are enclosed in a short section of narrow gorge, with granite towering cliffs. The gem is the 100 foot “Great Falls.” 

An 8th fall exits at Lower Fox Canyon, flowing 60 feet down a vertical cliff. The following describes a day hike in order to visit Lower Fox Falls.

Lower Fox Falls


The trailhead for this hike is a dirt parking area at 34.2975, -118.1771. The trail is known as the “Big Tujunga Canyon Trail” or more widely known as the Josephine Creek trail. 

The trail is unmarked except for a metal pole

“Big Tujunga Canyon Trail” written on a rock


From the Big Tujunga Canyon Road, follow the trail as it switchbacks down the canyon wall. It starts off being well-established but eventually disintegrates into rough shape, badly eroded and overgrown towards the bottom. As you descend, the trail guides you towards the bottom of Josephine Creek Falls, a 170ft sprinkling, moss covered waterfall. Once at Josephine Creek you’ll have to bushwhack or find a rugged use-trail to get down towards Big Tujunga Creek. 

Looking down at Big Tujunga Canyon from the trail

Josephine Creek Falls visible as you descend

Once at Big Tujunga Creek, head left (downstream) about 300 yards to Fox Canyon. You’ll likely forge your own path once at the gravel-flats bottom. It starts to broadens and you’ll start closing in on the upstream limit of the Big Tujunga Reservoir. 

A section of forging your own path, down at Big Tujunga Creek

The broad and sandy Big Tujunga Canyon

Enter Fox Canyon on your right, head up and try to follow any use-trails along the large benches on either side of the canyon. The trail switches sides several times, until you arrive at Lower Fox Falls (34.304000, -118.178333).

This waterfall is quite unique in appearance. The water spills broadly over the ledge, flowing smoothly on sleek bedrock.

Lower Fox Falls- pool at the base is dry and canyon is choked with shrubs

60 foot falls

Leaving after we’ve had our fill of these magical falls


The water levels in the Big Tujunga Reservoir fluctuate a great deal throughout many years. In 2011, the reservoir was filled in all the way back to the mouth of Josephine Creek, which meant you were swimming for about 3/4 of a mile in order to exit!

Brennan’s Lower Fox Canyon


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