The Angeles Crest Highway cuts through Ladybug Canyon which sits at 4,000 ft elevation. Its not known by name to many people but the curve is noticeable when approaching Redbox Canyon. Its headwaters are at Strawberry Peak and the canyon ends at Arroyo Seco. ladybug canyon

There is probably a seasonal stream that runs through there, but only during the wet winter months. This particular place caught my attention because it was mentioned in the Los Angeles in the 1930s book:

“LADY BUG CANYON, 20.4 m., is a hibernation refuge for the coccinellida, the little red and black beetles commonly called ladybugs. The bugs have been an important factor in the control of citrus pests, since they feed on plant lice and scale insects.”

I would imagine in the 1930’s ladybugs must’ve frequented this canyon a lot more. Have you seen ladybugs in this canyon? Let me know!

Ladybug Tunnel1934 Ladybug Canyon Tunnel under Angeles Crest Highway

Ladybug CanyonBeautiful remote canyon, with the sounds of fast cars closeby

Ladybug CanyonAdded space along side the canyon turn-out 

Ladybug CanyonA helipad adjacent to the canyon

Ladybug CanyonTribute to Jeff Yamato, a 27 year old motorcyclist killed in a crash here.

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