Josephine Creek Falls is a majestic waterfall that drops 180 feet into Big Tujunga Creek. It’s flow comes from Josephine Peak, named after a Josephine Lippencott, the wife of USGS surveyor Joseph Barlow Lippencott. Although it’s a fairly easy hike, you won’t find any official trails on topo maps. Popular with local canyoneers now, it may have been more widely visited during the Great Hiking Era, as it was mentioned as a hiking trip in Trails Magazine from Spring 1935.

You’ll want to park at 34.2975, -118.1771. A yellow pole serves as an easy marker to the well-worn trail down. It’s a bit exposed in a few places and becomes less obvious once closer down to the base of the falls. Although it’s a tall waterfall, the flow tends to be sprinkling. Yet the waterfall’s grand size and sheer drop backed by lush ferns make it worth the visit.

Big Tujunga Creek down below

Thank you kind sir by vandalizing this rock for us

First glance from afar

Closer to the falls

Here is a photo taken by my friend Sergio. You can see me at the bottom of the falls for perspective!

Video for perspective

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