23 Peaks

There are a total of 23 peaks rising over 8000 feet in the San Gabriels with Mount Baldy crowning at 10,0064 feet. Although setting foot on each one might be a lasting effort, it makes for an incredibly satisfying feat. At times, only one peak can be reached by a long day hike (i.e.

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Angeles Crest Highway Road Guide

A user-friendly map of the Angeles Crest Highway. Based on a map guide by Jane Strong and Tom Chester's version by mile-markers. Can be viewed on CalTopo here (on Caltopo, you can download the KML file yourself and take it wherever you need it!) Or Google Maps. (I've allowed the option for public editing in case

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Trails of the Angeles Comparison

The first edition of Trails of the Angeles: 100 Hikes in the San Gabriels was published in May 1971. Four decades of continual updating have passed and now its in its 9th edition (2013). Updating a guidebook is a never ending job. In doing a general comparison of all the editions (minus the printings

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