• Saucer Canyon Mine

Saucer Canyon Mine

Saucer Canyon (Branch) is a small tributary that feeds Millard Creek in the San Gabriels and is also the location of one of the four historic mines of the Dawn Mine District. A prospector dug a short tunnel there and built his cabin suspended in the air by steel cables, which held it against the face of a

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Billy Heaton (Queenie) Mine

The Billy Heaton Mine is located right off the East Fork trail that goes to Bridge to Nowhere. The mine is in such close proximity to hundreds that use this popular trail and goes largely unnoticed.  Billy Heaton's mine very close to Heaton Flats. You can even see the stone remnants of his cabins. 

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  • Dutch. Louie Tunnel

Dutch Louie Tunnel & Titanium mine

Down in Pacoima Creek sits a crumbling tunnel from the 19th century that stands testament to the era of ambitious mining in the San Gabriels. Gold, silver, titanium, and graphite were all mined in Pacoima canyon. The old prospector known as Dutch Louie discovered gold placers along the streambed.  In order to recover the gold from the creek in a

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Allison Mine

High in the south face of Iron Mountain is a mine "discovered" by the experienced prospector, John James Allison and his three sons. The Allison mine was worked intermittently from 1915 until about 1942. Its located high up in Allison Gulch, a tributary of the East Fork of the San Gabriel river. https://youtu.be/Q1M-EzjYAuQ Allison

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Bell Hartman Mine

"Although the mine building and mine are less than a quarter of a mile from the Angeles Crest Highway….the Bell Hartman Mine remains virtually unknown." - Hugh Blanchard https://youtu.be/KNZp4rSWrqE The Bell Hartman Mine Discovery I was out exploring the historic Angeles crest trail by Mt. Mooney when I saw the most curious thing: way off in the distance

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