• Johnstone Peak (San Dimas) Lookout

Johnstone Peak (San Dimas) Lookout

Agency: Angeles National Forest Dates: 1917-1919: Unknown structure 1923-1930s: A short non-battered, open timber tower on a DuBois 4A design cab (14’x14′ wood) 1930s-1992: Battered, open galvanized steel angle iron K-brace tower, 30 ft tall with C3 cab 14′ X 14′ wood 1992-present: Tower shortened with cab downscaled to 8'x 8'  Status: Relocated Elevation: 3195

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  • Whitaker Peak Lookout

Whitaker Peak Lookout

Agency: Angeles National Forest Dates:  1934-1960s Tower: NOTT10’- Non-battered, open timber tower, 10 ft tall Cab: C3- USFS Region 5 standard 14' X 14' wood cab Status: Demolished Elevation: 4120 ft Topo Map: Whitaker Peak Coordinates: 34.5675, -118.7429 References:  Ron Kemnow The lookout in 1940. Credit: National Archives.  The lookout in 1940 with

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  • Pacoima Fire Lookout

Pacoima Lookout

Agency: LA County Forestry Department (Now LA County Fire Department) Dates:  1930-1950s Tower: N/A Cab: N/A Status: Demolished Elevation: 1294 feet Topo Map: San Fernando Coordinates: 34.2634, -118.4085 References:  Ron Kemnow, Ride the Devil Wind: A History of the Los Angeles County Forester & Fire Warden Department and Fire Protection Districts by David Boucher

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  • Ross Field, Arcadia

Ross Field, Arcadia

Agency: US Army & US Forest Service Dates: 1918 until 1919 Type: Observation balloons Status: Demolished Coordinates: 34.129444, -118.04 Trail reports: Forest Lookouts, Wiki Page on Ross Field, Military Museum, Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields Ross Field, U.S. Army Balloon School, Aerial View Looking Northeast. Courtesy of Arcadia Public Library The US Army

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  • Mendenhall Peak lookout

Mendenhall Peak Lookout

Agency: USFS Date: 1936-1975 Tower: NOTT10’- Non-battered, open timber tower, 10 feet tall Cab: C3 (USFS Region 5 1934 standard 14' X 14' wood cab) Status: Demolished Elevation: 4636 feet Topo Map: USGS Sunland Coordinates: 34.348462, -118.313603 Trail reports: Iron Hiker, OTPHiker, Summit Post, Peak Bagger Mendenhall Peak Mendenhall Peak at 4636 feet,

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  • Grass Mountain fire lookout

Grass Mountain Lookout

Agency: Co-opt between LA County Fire Department & USFS Dates: 1934-1951 Tower: NOTT10’- Non-battered, open timber towers, 10 feet high Cab: C3- USFS Region 5 1934 standard 14' X 14' wood cab (BC-301 series) Status: Demolished Elevation: 4,605 feet Topo Map: USGS Lake Hughes Coordinates: 34.641164, -118.413488 Trail reports: PeakBagger and AllTrails  Grass Mountain at

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