23 Peaks

There are a total of 23 peaks rising over 8000 feet in the San Gabriels with Mount Baldy crowning at 10,0064 feet. Although setting foot on each one might be a lasting effort, it makes for an incredibly satisfying feat. At times, only one peak can be reached by a long day hike (i.e.

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  • Mount Wilson

Horseback to Mt. Wilson and Signal Peak

As the foothill towns grew steadily in the 1880s, Wilsons peak became a favorite haunt for parties of hikers in horseback. The trail from Sierra Madre was no easy one: narrow, curving, and precipitous. Still, groups of friends would organize their outing, and head up on their buggies, wagons and pack burros. Group of nine

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The Bad & The Ugly: John Knox Portwood

John Knox Portwood was San Gabriel Canyon’s bad guy. He was a fugitive Southerner from Virginia who came to the canyon in 1895 where he mined and operated pack trains into camps. His cabin of hand-hewn shakes and granite rocks was built in Cattle Canyon above Camp Bonita.  Knox’s canyon neighbors had always regarded

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Grizzly Flats

Upper Canyon Trail is a beautiful footpath in the front range which emerges from sylvan coverage into a sunlit ridge overlooking the winding Crest and the sprawling city below. Although access is just a few miles from the city, the trailhead is rather inconspicuous on a small turn-out at mileage marker 30.02.  Trailhead to Upper

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Little Jimmy Camp

With just about an hours drive from Los Angeles, you can experience the backcountry with an overnight stay at Little Jimmy. The sylvan camp sits on a forested flat covered with blankets of pine needles and towering high-country pines. This beloved camp takes its name from a comic strip character, “Little Jimmy” invented by famed artist

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Mt. Emma & The Pallett Family

Mount Emma (5273ft) is a semi-desert peak in the northwest San Gabriels, above Antelope Valley and was named after the reputedly lovely Emma Pallett, one of the young Pallet Ranch daughters in the 1900s. Jeremy watching the fiery sunset atop Mt. Emma. This Mojave climate peak is barren with a sparse covering of brush especially since it has been

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