Tribute to Twinkie

Today marks the anniversary of the day when I lost a piece of my heart. It has been 1 year since my beloved dog, Twinkie passed away. Here is a celebration of her life and a tribute to our special moments outdoors.... On Friday March 13, 2020, Twinkie passed away. She was 10 years

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Sturde’s Secret Hideaway at Twin Peak’s Saddle

Wilbur “Sturde” Sturtevant (1841- 1910) pioneered more miles of trails than anyone else in the San Gabriels. In 1893 he founded his popular Sturtevant’s Camp in Big Santa Anita Canyon. The Great Hiking Era spawned a high demand of mountain-related activities and Sturde was one of the most knowledgeable of the range. He served

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Los Pinetos Peak

Lookout Tower Agency: Angeles National Forest (Possibly co-operative with county)Dates: 1935-1960sTower: NOTT10’- Non-battered, open timber tower, 10 feet highCab: C3-USFS Region 5 1934 standard 14' X 14' wood cab (BC-301 series)Status: DemolishedElevation: 3560 ftTopo Map: USGS San FernandoCoordinates: 34.3549, -118.4589Trail reports: SummitPost, Peakbagger Los Pinetos Peak is an unofficially named highpoint along the

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Chilao History: Louie Newcomb Cabin

**Note: I originally published this post in December 2015. The original post mysteriously disappeared and thought it was worth painstakingly rewriting it. Casually thumbing through a trails book from the 1980s called 106 Tops in the Angeles Forest by J.R. Bruman, I stumbled upon a hike that overlooks part of Devils Canyon: "AUTO APPROACH:

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  • San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest

Ladybug Canyon

The Angeles Crest Highway cuts through Ladybug Canyon which sits at 4,000 ft elevation. Its not known by name to many people but the curve is noticeable when approaching Redbox Canyon. Its headwaters are at Strawberry Peak and the canyon ends at Arroyo Seco. There is probably a seasonal stream that runs through there, but

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  • Big Tujunga Water Tunnels

Big Tujunga Water Tunnels

Very few people know about Big Tujunga's unique tunnels. Their construction probably dates back to the mid 20th century when an area was blasted under the road and lined with concrete. Although their purpose isn't unique, they're still pretty neat to explore. From the outside they closely resemble a mine. Fusier Canyon Tunnel They

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