• San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest

Ladybug Canyon

The Angeles Crest Highway cuts through Ladybug Canyon which sits at 4,000 ft elevation. Its not known by name to many people but the curve is noticeable when approaching Redbox Canyon. Its headwaters are at Strawberry Peak and the canyon ends at Arroyo Seco. There is probably a seasonal stream that runs through there, but

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East Fork Alder Creek

A short trip description in the back pages of a 1930s a hiking magazine described of a place in the San Gabriels I had never heard of before: Little Grand Canyon- East Fork of Alder Creek From Charlton Flat, hike by road and trail, west down the canyon, following the canyon when it and the

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Cape Horn Falls

"...the narrow, heavily-wooded gash of Cape Horn Canyon. A quarter-mile up the canyon is Cape Horn Falls, once a favorite hike from Follows Camp." - John Robinson's Mines of the East Fork   Tucked away in Cape Horn Canyon lies a waterfall that comes to life only after a rainy season. The waterfall is seldom

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  • Mill Creek Falls

Mill Creek Falls

Mill Creek Falls is a beautiful hidden cascade located in Big Tujunga Canyon of the Angeles National Forest. Although the western San Gabriels see little water during summer, this particular waterfall still runs a pretty trickle in the driest months! What a gem! Mill Creek Falls, Angeles National Forest As the name implies, this waterfall is located

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Devil Gulch Falls

Devil Gulch Falls drops 50-60 feet off a vertical moss-covered rock wall into a lush grotto. It can not be seen from the start of the gulch so the height is enhanced from the surprise.  Devil Gulch Falls This seasonal fall is fed by the many giant ridges of South Mt. Hawkins and in turn

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  • Upper Big Tujunga

Upper Big Tujunga Canyon

https://youtu.be/5aneDwOfoQQ Last weekend we decided to thru-hike Upper Big Tujunga, a 3-mile adventure from Big Tujunga Road Bridge to the Colby day-use area. Although we couldn't find any current trip reports of anyone having recently hiked Upper Big Tujunga besides Christopher E. Brennen's 16-year old report: Upper Big Tujunga, we still decided to attempt this adventure. The

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