• Mill Creek Falls

Mill Creek Falls

Mill Creek Falls is a beautiful hidden cascade located in Big Tujunga Canyon of the Angeles National Forest. Although the western San Gabriels see little water during summer, this particular waterfall still runs a pretty trickle in the driest months! What a gem! Mill Creek Falls, Angeles National Forest As the name implies, this waterfall is located

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Devil Gulch Falls

Devil Gulch Falls drops 50-60 feet off a vertical moss-covered rock wall into a lush grotto. It can not be seen from the start of the gulch so the height is enhanced from the surprise.  Devil Gulch Falls This seasonal fall is fed by the many giant ridges of South Mt. Hawkins and in turn

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  • Upper Big Tujunga

Upper Big Tujunga Canyon

https://youtu.be/5aneDwOfoQQ Last weekend we decided to thru-hike Upper Big Tujunga, a 3-mile adventure from Big Tujunga Road Bridge to the Colby day-use area. Although we couldn't find any current trip reports of anyone having recently hiked Upper Big Tujunga besides Christopher E. Brennen's 16-year old report: Upper Big Tujunga, we still decided to attempt this adventure. The

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Adams Falls

https://youtu.be/pP7tb__8hW0 The uncharted Adams Falls is located one mile up the East Fork of Santa Anita Canyon and boasts a 75' cascade best visited after rainfall. Named in honor of pack station owners Bill and Lila Adams, the falls are seldom visited today mainly because there is no trail.  Sharalyn and I set out

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Glen Canyon Falls

After some recent socal rain, I ventured out to see Glen Canyon Falls. A scenic 12 mile bike path and road follows the beautiful West Fork to Glen campground and Cogswell Dam.  Cogswell Dam Gate Just one of many tributaries, full and feeding the West Fork The side canyons themselves could be further scaled and explored.  Fresh minerals in wateral

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