• Sutton Canyon

Sutton Canyon

Sutton Canyon (East Fork Pickens Canyon), is an eastern tributary of Pickens Canyon. It descends the southern slopes of Mount Lukens in the front country and down La Crescenta Valley.  Temperatures swell up in the summers but theres usually water running in the lower reaches of the canyon. The adventure up Sutton canyon is

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  • Lower Fox Falls

Lower Fox Falls

Overview Fox Creek, with its headwaters at the base of Mount Gleason, flows south and east to enter Big Tujunga Canyon just above the Big Tujunga Dam reservoir.  Fox Canyon contains the series of 7 waterfalls known as the Great Falls of the Fox. These falls are enclosed in a short section of narrow

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  • Lower Buckhorn Falls

Lower Buckhorn Falls

Lower Buckhorn Falls is an impressive yet elusive waterfall in the high country of the San Gabriels. Its located near the more popular Cooper Canyon falls but receives much less visitors. The 70 foot waterfall cascades down vertical cliffs and is surrounded by dramatic rock formations. The very stunning Lower Buckhorn Falls, May 2020

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Lower Lucas Creek Falls

Lucas Creek originates on the northwestern slopes of Strawberry Peak, traveling for 2.25 miles into Big Tujunga Creek. The Angeles Forest Highway cuts across the canyon, dividing the creek into upper and lower sections. This lower section, Lower Lucas Creek has two secret short waterfalls of 25 feet and 20 feet that flow seasonally. From

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  • Josephine Creek

Josephine Creek Falls

Josephine Creek Falls is a majestic waterfall that drops 180 feet into Big Tujunga Creek. It's flow comes from Josephine Peak, named after a Josephine Lippencott, the wife of USGS surveyor Joseph Barlow Lippencott. Although it's a fairly easy hike, you won't find any official trails on topo maps. Popular with local canyoneers now,

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  • Vogel Canyon Falls

Vogel Canyon Falls

A beautiful 50-foot seasonal waterfall lies hidden in Big Tujunga. The hike starts from Big Tujunga Canyon Road (not at Vogel Flat picnic grounds). Simply head up-stream in Vogel Canyon, about 1/4 of a mile. When encountering a fork, stay to the left. Although only a quarter mile, the going is long since there

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