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The San Gabriel Mountains in the Angeles National Forest contain numerous canyons and waterfalls which are tucked away and hidden. A few of these waterfalls are historic and campers during the Great Hiking era visited them during their resort stays. But the familiarity of these falls have become lost to time and out of the popular knowledge, remaining only in antique postcards and written accounts. Creeks and canyons have dramatic formations with spectacular views of the interior range. Quite a number of waterfalls are seasonal cascades, but spectacular if visited during the spring or after recent rains. 


Lower Lucas Creek Falls

Lucas Creek originates on the northwestern slopes of Strawberry Peak, traveling for 2.25 miles into Big Tujunga Creek. The Angeles

  • Josephine Creek

Josephine Creek Falls

Josephine Creek Falls is a majestic waterfall that drops 180 feet into Big Tujunga Creek. It's flow comes from

  • Vogel Canyon Falls

Vogel Canyon Falls

A beautiful 50-foot seasonal waterfall lies hidden in Big Tujunga. The hike starts from Big Tujunga Canyon Road (not

  • San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest

Ladybug Canyon

The Angeles Crest Highway cuts through Ladybug Canyon which sits at 4,000 ft elevation. Its not known by name

East Fork Alder Creek

A short trip description in the back pages of a 1930s a hiking magazine described of a place in

Cape Horn Falls

"...the narrow, heavily-wooded gash of Cape Horn Canyon. A quarter-mile up the canyon is Cape Horn Falls, once a

  • Mill Creek Falls

Mill Creek Falls

Mill Creek Falls is a beautiful hidden cascade located in Big Tujunga Canyon of the Angeles National Forest. Although

Devil Gulch Falls

Devil Gulch Falls drops 50-60 feet off a vertical moss-covered rock wall into a lush grotto. It can not

  • Upper Big Tujunga

Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Last weekend we decided to thru-hike Upper Big Tujunga, a 3-mile adventure from Big Tujunga Road Bridge to the Colby

Adams Falls The uncharted Adams Falls is located one mile up the East Fork of Santa Anita Canyon and boasts

Glen Canyon Falls

After some recent socal rain, I ventured out to see Glen Canyon Falls. A scenic 12 mile bike path and road follows the

Adams Falls

March 26, 2015|Canyons & Falls| The uncharted Adams Falls is located one mile up the East Fork of Santa Anita Canyon and boasts

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