Very few people know about Big Tujunga’s unique tunnels. Their construction probably dates back to the mid 20th century when an area was blasted under the road and lined with concrete. Although their purpose isn’t unique, they’re still pretty neat to explore. From the outside they closely resemble a mine.

Fusier canyon tunnel entranceFusier Canyon Tunnel

They stand tall, about 10-15 feet. Once inside, they have railings on the floor left behind for an unknown purpose (our guess was to aid in its construction). Big Tujunga has a total of 3, if not more. The exact number of these tunnels in all of  the San Gabriels is unclear, but the East Fork Road definitely has a few. Why these kind were built only in a few places is not clear. 

View from Fusier CanyonLooking out from Fusier Canyon Tunnel. Photo by Sergio

View inside Ybarra CanyonUnfortunately the water tunnel from Ybarra Canyon was recently tagged. Photo by Sergio.

Vogel Canyon TunnelLooking towards Vogel Canyon Tunnel

VogelJeremy at the end of Vogel Canyon Tunnel.

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