There are a total of 23 peaks rising over 8000 feet in the San Gabriels with Mount Baldy crowning at 10,0064 feet. Although setting foot on each one might be a lasting effort, it makes for an incredibly satisfying feat. At times, only one peak can be reached by a long day hike (i.e. Big Iron). Other times you can bag multiple peaks close together (like why would you do Pine and not Dawson?;-)).

Hikin Jim's 23 peaksHikin Jim compiled the 23 peaks list on the San Gabriel Forum, circa 2012

Warning: Side effects include unparalleled views, unique ecosystems, experiencing wildlife, quads of steel, overcoming mental barriers and maybe fond memories. I just completed the list with two nagging peaks that I’ve overlooked summiting Mt. Baldy over the years (Mount Harwood and West Baldy). Most people have already completed a chunk of the list by the time they learn about it. Hopefully you only need a few more, but not the hardest ones. 

Ordered by area the 23 peaks are:

North of Angeles Crest Highway
1. Mount Williamson, 8244 ft
2. Mount Lewis, 8396 ft

South of Angeles Crest HWY 2
3. Waterman Mountain, 8038 ft
4. Mount Islip, 8250 ft
5. Middle Hawkins, 8505 ft
6. Mount Hawkins, 8850 ft
7. Throop Peak, 9138 ft
8. Mount Burnham, 8997 ft
9. Mount Baden-Powell, 9399 ft

San Gabriel River Basin
10. Iron Mountain #1, 8007 ft

Mount San Antonio Area
11.Wright Mountain, 8505 ft
12. Pine Mountain #1, 9648 ft
13. Dawson Peak, 9575 ft
14. Mount Baldy 10,064 ft
15. W. Baldy, 9988 ft
16. Mount Harwood, 9552 ft
17. Thunder Mountain, 8587 ft
18. Telegraph Peak, 8985 ft

Cucamonga Peak Area
19. Ontario Peak, 8693 ft
20. Bighorn Peak, 8441 ft
21. Timber Mountain, 8303 ft
22. Cucamonga Peak, 8859 ft
23. Etiwanda Peak, 8662 ft

For details about each peak, HPS is the BEST site for data on routes, etc. Also there is this great article written by Asia.So how many do you have left? Share some old memories or pictures below. 

Enjoy some of my memories below or on flickr!

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