Big Tujunga

Lower Lucas Creek Falls

Lucas Creek originates on the northwestern slopes of Strawberry Peak and travels for 2.25 miles into Big Tujunga Creek. The Angeles Forest Highway cuts across the canyon, dividing the creek into upper and lower sections. This lower section, Lower Lucas Creek has two secret short waterfalls of 25 feet and 20 feet that flow

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Josephine Creek Falls

Josephine Creek Falls is a majestic waterfall that drops 180 feet into Big Tujunga Creek. It's flow comes from Josephine Peak, named after a Josephine Lippencott, the wife of USGS surveyor Joseph Barlow Lippencott. Although it's a fairly easy hike, you won't find any official trails on topo maps. Popular with local canyoneers now,

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Vogel Canyon Falls

A beautiful 50-foot seasonal waterfall lies hidden in Big Tujunga. The hike starts from Big Tujunga Canyon Road (not at Vogel Flat picnic grounds). Simply head up-stream in Vogel Canyon, about 1/4 of a mile. When encountering a fork, stay to the left. Although only a quarter mile, the going is long since there

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Big Tujunga Water Tunnels

Very few people know about Big Tujunga's unique tunnels. Their construction probably dates back to the mid 20th century when an area was blasted under the road and lined with concrete. Although their purpose isn't unique, they're still pretty neat to explore. From the outside they closely resemble a mine. Fusier Canyon Tunnel They

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Grizzly Flats

Upper Canyon Trail is a beautiful footpath in the front range which emerges from sylvan coverage into a sunlit ridge overlooking the winding Crest and the sprawling city below. Although access is just a few miles from the city, the trailhead is rather inconspicuous on a small turn-out at mileage marker 30.02.  Trailhead to Upper

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Mill Creek Falls

Mill Creek Falls is a beautiful hidden cascade located in Big Tujunga Canyon of the Angeles National Forest. Although the western San Gabriels see little water during summer, this particular waterfall still runs a pretty trickle in the driest months! What a gem! Mill Creek Falls, Angeles National Forest As the name implies, this waterfall is located

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