Howard DGA-15P 1951 Sierra Pelona Mountains

Howard DGA-15 3-view drawing from L'Aerophile July 1939 On April 6, 1951 a Howard DGA-15-P #NC67765 crashed in the Sierra Pelona Mountains on a flight from Pacoima airport to Las Vegas. The plane was not reported missing until five days later, when it failed to show up. An investigation revealed that no flight plan

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PV1 Ventura

"ACTON -1944 - Four men were killed last Thursday in the crash of a Navy patrol bomber in the Sierra Pelona Mountains. William Ritter of Palmdale acted as guide to the group of officials who hiked up to the wreckage of the plane. Those killed in the crash were George G. Dory, 20, pilot

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Parker Mountain

Agency: Los Angeles County Forestry Department Dates: 1934-1960s Tower: NETT20’- Non-battered, enclosed timber tower, 20 feet high Cab: C3 - USFS Region 5 1934 standard 14' X 14' wood cab (BC-301 series) Status: Demolished Elevation: 4131 ft Topo Map: USGS Acton  Coordinates: 34.4598, -118.2188 Trail reports: PeakBagger   Parker mountain is located in Acton

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Emma (Conover) Mine

Mining in the Soledad Canyon region took off in the 1870s with new gold discoveries in the Acton area and the completion of the Southern Pacific Railroad.  A new mining district, the Cedar, was created in the Acton area. Most of the gold ever recovered in Los Angeles County came from the Soledad Mines! Between

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Puritan Mine Stamp Mill

In plain sight from the 14 freeway, an inoperative 5-stamp mill stands as a relic of a very old operation. It's one of only two upright stamp mills remaining in Los Angeles County. The stamp mill belonged to the Puritan (Union) mine located on the south side of Mint canyon, 18 miles east of Saugus and 4

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